Check out our page for current  weekly and upcoming events so you can enjoy a night of Cocktail Conjuring!

Or Contact us and let the Cocktail Conjuror make you next event magical! We conjure up our award winning cocktails at any event or design new, original cocktails for your specific event (ie. bride and groom cocktails). You can have world class cocktails served at your event for the same price as traditional beverage catering.

​Cocktail Collection

Where it all started. Cocktail Collection is the brainchild of Leo Holtzman, the Cocktail Conjuror. Cocktail Collection features innovative cocktails like the Smoke Fashion and the Chile Mule. The menu rotates based on cocktail popularity and the walls are always evolving with local artists works. Contact us for more details.

Beverage Consulting

We love cocktails and nightlife and have a wide range of talents that can transform any venture, here are a few:

-Full beverage program conception

-Cocktail design

-Concept design

-Staff training

-Mixology master training

-Product launches

-Market positioning

The Conjurer

The Cocktail Conjuror is not only a master of drinks and nightlife guru, but he is also an award winning sleight of hand artist. Including the 2006 International Brotherhood of Magicians intimate magic champion. Inquire about availability and be prepared to for a night of jaw dropping moments.

Cocktail Conjuring